Single use Biotech Facility

Basis of design for a Biologics facility using single use technology.  The concept for this facility was Islands of automation with a central data historian which is interfaced with an MES to produce Electronic Batch Reports.  A prototype was also designed and built as part of the basis of design.  This was done by developing PLC code and graphics to simulate  a single use bioreactor which was interfaced with a number of MES packages.  An interface was also setup between the MES packages and ERP to demonstrate how the MES could retrieve data from ERP and update ERP at the end of a batch.

Syringe Filling Line

Automation Design Engineers responsible for the design and delivery of all Vendor Package Equipment which included: Integrated syringe filling line, Syringe Inspection Line, CIP Skids, Autoclaves, Partswasher, Material Transfer Isolator, Viable and Non- Viable Particle Monitoring. GCS liaised with a number of vendor package suppliers and ensured that all communication protocols were integrated prior to equipment been delivered to site.


Setup and tested interfaces between Vendor PLC’s both Allan Bradley and Siemens with the DeltaV DCS.

Construction Management

Responsible for the delivery and installation of equipment and instrumentation onsite to meet project schedule milestones. Co-ordination between equipment vendors and local contractors to ensure that all works were carried out in accordance with client specifications